There is a largebillboard on the left side of I-71 in Ohio that you can see while travelingsouth from Columbus to Cincinnati. It simply states ‘HELL IS REAL’. A loadedstatement for many reasons, sure, but twelve years of Catholic school has mademe numb to that message or anyone trying to preach it. I have always been moreconcerned with the aesthetic of the text itself. The background is black. Thetext is white in all capital letters. Except the ‘H’. The H is a red capitalletter with a white outline.

I have made the drive fromAkron, OH to Knoxville, TN repeatedly over the past 7 years of my life. It’spretty much a straight 8 hour shot south, I-71 to I-75. I have passed that signevery time and I cannot stop thinking about the H in HELL. It seems like such aweird choice to make one letter different from the rest. It must meansomething.

What in God’s name isthat H doing?

The image in my drawingsis an altered version of a treasure chest from an old Wario game. I wasinterested in what the shadow self would covet and find valuable. Where is theline between good and bad? That form now acts as multiple things at once. Maybeit can be the H in HELL.  

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